Inspired. Empowered. Transformed.

Mentoring In Action

Educating, sharing knowledge, bonding, sharing laughs, and growing together. A privilege and a blessing!

How It Works

  1. 16 weekly, live, customized, 45-60 minute training sessions.
  2. LIFETIME Access to all material - Years of research and experience at your finger tips!
  3. Access to a community of like-minded people on the same journey, with a similar growth mindset!
  4. Personal support throughout the week via SMS/text or e-mail.
  5. Weekly growth tasks and accountability checks.

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Module 1: Grit

Measure your grit. Discover what it takes to be gritty. Embark on a journey of self discovery to cultivate perseverance in your life.

Become crystal clear on your values, and purpose. Become aware of your final destination: for entry in the GPS of your life. Begin the empowering, incremental journey to fulfilment.


Module 2: Mastery

Discover the exact formula for mastery and implement it in your life through specific examples and exercises.


Module 3: Action

Learn how to take action immediately when you feel stuck. 

We dig in to the beliefs and fears that prevent you from taking action, and also share a very simple and practical tool.


Module 4: Positivity and Joy

Measure your positivity. Learn tangible tools and techniques to train your brain for sustained positivity.

Dig in to research based techniques and tactics to decrease negativity, and increase positivity. Create a customized strategic approach to ensure action!


Module 5: Better Relationships

Learn a powerful technique for cultivating more positive, stronger relationships. It's so simple you'll be shocked!

Create a customized strategy to maximize use and effectiveness. Immediately begin fostering harmonious relationships.


Module 6: Motivation

Discover whether you are motivating others, or are being motivated by others ineffectively in the various aspects of your work and life. This is a game changer.

Create and execute upon a strategic plan to ensure consistent action!


Module 7: Effective Learning

Discover and apply the powerful research based tools and techniques that promote real learning.

Create a strategic plan to leverage these strategies in your day to day life for maximum impact and effectiveness.


Module 8: Fitness, Health & Wellness

For Athletes: Learn how to effectively structure and track your training to optimize performance and minimize risk of injury.

For non-athletes: Learn how to create effective workouts for yourself so you can keep getting fitter and healthier! 


Module 9: Maximum Productivity

Learn and apply proven techniques for optimal time management, productivity, joy, and constant improvement.

Through practice, learn powerful mindfulness techniques to feel more joy, perform better, and handle challenging situations more effectively.


The Most Powerful Element: Discovering and Shifting Your Limiting Beliefs

As our relationship develops, we will uncover the truth behind your actions and inaction. Together, we will create a strategic approach to guarantee the achievement of all of your goals, IF you are willing to be vulnerable and brave.

Mona Singh, CFO

"My daughter has had the pleasure of being coached by Ahad for the last few years.  The relationship she has built with Ahad has been life changing for her, and our family.  Ahad provides kids with the skills they need to succeed in life.  Under his guidance I have watched my daughter be more focused, take accountability, challenge herself, exercise more patience, while maintaining her competitive edge on court.  Ahad embodies every attribute of a respected coach and mentor - integrity, accountability, kindness, gratitude, compassion, commitment, discipline, competitiveness and humility."

Roy Mathunni, Urban Squash Toronto Associate Director

"The students and staff at Urban Squash Toronto have greatly benefited from the positive mindset and life skills training we have received from Ahad.  His approach is rooted in the latest research and best practices and his delivery is engaging and energetic.  Our students have used the tools he has provided to determine their passions and set off in the journey to personal fulfillment and discovery.  We look forward to learning more from him and maximizing our potential.  Thank you Ahad!"

Armon Boll, Mentor College

"Ahad’s classes are amazing. He has taught me many things, not just about squash, but also about how to be successful in making and achieving my goals. I particularly loved his teaching about grit, and I also liked what he taught me about patience and the One-Two-Three Go method to help with procrastination. I also loved his training techniques, such as mental representation and deliberate practice, which can help me master squash and develop many useful life skills. Ahad is a great teacher, coach and mentor, and his lessons are both inspiring and fun."

K. Gill, Mentor College

Working with Ahad has been amazing, He helps me feel happy when I am the opposite. Ahad boosts my self esteem and helps me be the best I can be! Because of our sessions I have become more aware of my diet, fitness and energy. Overall I am feeling much better! Not only am I seeing a physical difference, but I am feeling so much better on the inside. Because of Ahad I now have much more motivation! Our fitness and mindfulness goals really help me be more productive and take in the beauty of life. Thanks Ahad! :)

George Crowne, Harvard '23

"All of the top national squash juniors work with Ahad and almost unanimously agree that their sessions with him are the best...However, what I like most about Ahad, is that he isn’t just my coach, he’s my friend."

Raya Singh, Mentor College

"Our training has helped me become a better person. It has strengthened my relationship with my mom, and helped my concentration in school. The techniques we learned about keeping calm and grounded have really helped me in tough situations."

Firdaus Shallo, UST

"I am empowered by Ahad's work ethic and training mindset...Thank you, Ahad, for helping me realize this as I enter the new year. I was at a very low point, and now I'm going in with a totally different mindset."

Schedule Your Consultation

I will call you within 24h to discuss your unique needs.