Ahad's Mission, Vision, and Ambition

In October, 2016, I left my job in the corporate world despite being on the trajectory for success, owning a car I loved, and having recently bought a home. Why you ask? ,To pursue my dream. I joined the PSA to compete as a professional athlete.Ā 

I realized that I had been trying to fill a void through external fulfillment, while my intuition and faith had been trying to steer me to my destined path.

Now I aspire to be the mentor that I never had, by inspiring the possibilities we can't currently see, empowering change, and guiding transformation.

I mentor and coach high-performance squash athletes (among others), both on and off the squash court.

Excellence Alchemist

I inspire, mentor, and guide others to become the best versions of themselvesĀ -Ā personally, athletically, and professionally.

Professional Athlete

I amĀ a former PSA touring professional, a top 10 Canadian national squash player, and an aspiring World Masters Champion.

Elite Performance Coach

I mentor and coachĀ national and international junior, masters, and professional squash players, in addition to leaders in business for peak performance.

Lifelong Student

I have completed a Masters degree, worked in management at a top financial institution, obtained several coaching certifications, and I continue to grow my expertise daily.

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